A virtual tour to The Ultimate Tantric London’s wild aqua massage

Imagine yourself in a massage therapy session where you surround yourself with the perks of luxurious warm water, delicately flickering light and the irresistible scents of our exclusive massage oils. Sounds great, right? That’s our aqua massage which is also one of our most loved massage types.

Performed in either bath or shower, a sensual aqua massage has all the power to lead you to an erotic elevation zone where you can restore your physical and mental peace. This massage therapy has all it takes you to enhance your physical and spiritual energy leaving you completely relaxed.

What should you expect during your aqua massage?

Synonymous with the ultimate relaxation and erotic pleasure, aqua massage guarantees a level of comfort and tranquillity that perhaps no other massage therapy can offer. Our massage therapist will spend an hour or two helping you disembark on a stress-free mental journey. As you begin to feel relaxed, your therapist will proceed to provide a unique and sensual pleasure you will earn for a long time.

You have the right and power to customise your own aqua massage. From choosing what oils and the scents to be used to deciding the pace and rhythm of your massage, you get to enjoy complete liberty. Unlike body to body massage, it offers you more than any other massage therapy.

What are the benefits of aqua massage?

Aqua massage has many benefits for you, such as:

? It helps with the relaxation of bone and joint pain. ? It offers decreased inflammation in the body. ? It improves joint flexibility. ? It also calms your muscle tension. ? It also elevates your energy drive in bed.

You may book a aqua massage session through our website. Book your massage here and our team will get in touch with you at the earliest. Get your favourite massage in Mayfair, Marylebone, Marble Arch, Fitzrovia, Knightsbridge, South Kensington and Piccadilly.

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