Not sure whether or not to book a sensual massage in Marylebone? Here are 20 fascinating facts about these types of massages that make them a great experience for anybody:

  1. Massages are a natural pain reliever so are great if you’re having aches or pains.
  2. They’re an excellent way to improve your confidence and intimacy with partners.
  3. They can improve the production of ‘feel-good’ chemicals like oxytocin, dopamine and serotonin.
  4. Massages are one of the oldest types of physical therapy in the world. When you book one of our sessions in Marylebone, you’ll be benefitting from therapists well-versed in the best techniques.
  5. One of our sensual massages in London will release the pent-up tension in your body, especially in your muscles.
  6. They can lower your blood pressure and therefore reducing feelings of stress.
  7. Various studies have found that a 1-hour massage could have the same effect on your body as seven to eight hours of good quality sleep.
  8. Massages also reduce levels of cortisol, often known as the ‘stress hormone’ and therefore give your immune system a boost.
  9. Massages utilise the power of touch. You have approximately five million touch receptors in your skin including 3,000 in one fingertip alone. A massage is designed to stimulate your body in a way that’s highly enjoyable and unforgettable.
  10. With the soothing touch of our massage therapists, you can enjoy one of the most intense climaxes possible.
  11. One of our sensual massages in Marylebone will stimulate your blood circulation and lymphatic system, meaning cells are replenished with nutrients and waste products are flushed from the body more quickly.
  12. During a massage, your brain gets the message from your skin nerves straight away: muscle nerves send messages at the speed of 390 feet per second!
  13. Hippocrates, ‘the father of modern medicine’, was a big fan of massages.
  14. Because massages are good for your health, they can reduce your risk of catching viruses and infections.
  15. A tantric massage stimulates all your five senses and is therefore a great way to fend off a low mood and reignite your interest in life.
  16. Massages can improve your concentration levels. During every session, there will be no use of phones or distractions, so can help you reconnect with the present.
  17. Many people experience the most intense orgasm ever during a massage. This is because the body is completely relaxed and is being stimulated by a gorgeous lady.
  18. It can help improve your libido which is ideal if you’re struggling in this area.
  19. Tantric massages heighten the sensitivity of an individual, making them more responsive the sensual encounters.
  20. Erotic massage arguably led to the development of the vibrator, since they reduced the need to rely on individuals to deliver such treatments.

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