Picture yourself after a long week working away, you’re getting pent up with stress and you need a release. That’s where The Ultimate Tantric come in. Take yourself away from the busy world and embrace relaxation for a change.

After booking your session, you’ll head down to one of our sessions and meet one of our lovely beautiful masseuses that you’ll spend your time with. After dressing down into a robe and finding that perfect spot you’ll get to shut your eyes and forget about the stress with one of our special massages.

Perhaps our Nuru Massage might win you over, in which we use a special Japanese Seaweed to bring out the relaxation from your body and release any negative energy you may have.

Explore your sensual side, with our dominatrix massages, in which you will be completely at the mercy of one of our masseuses as she explores your muscles and opens you up to pleasure.

We even offer a dinner date service, in which you can get to know our masseuses in a more personal setting allowing you to truly understand the experience you are in for.

If you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact us by filling out the form on our website. Or if you really want to hear us talk, give us a call at +447852843091