Body to body massages have more benefits than you might imagine, making them an excellent way to de-stress in London.

Did you know that while massages deliver total relaxation, your body also goes into full activation mode during this experience? That’s because it stimulates your nervous system, stimulating your muscles, organs and glands, leading you to release all sorts of positive chemicals and hormones.

That makes it a great way to renew yourself and reverse the effects of stress. Body to body massages are known for what’s known as a ‘lymphatic detox’. The lymphatic system is important for balancing the fluid and the function of your immune system. Lymphatic vessels parallel blood vessels throughout your body and a massage flushes blood through muscle and tissue, draining the lymphatic system.

Body to body massages also encourages a healthy heart. That’s because it increases blood flow and delivery of oxygen to all your organs. It can even have a positive effect on your digestive system, in particular the parasympathetic nervous system which produces needed chemicals and stimulates peristalsis, which moves food through your intestines.

Our ladies can create the perfect atmosphere for your full-body massages, with low lighting and relaxing music. Whether you fancy an in-call or outcall experience, we’re more than happy to help. We have massage therapists from all over the world, including Spain, Portugal and Brazil.

If you fancy a body to body massage in London, find out more about The Ultimate Tantric London today. Or simply get in touch with our friendly team.