Authentic tantric techniques you should know about!

You must have heard about tantric massage, right? It classifies to be the best relaxing sensual massage therapy for most people. Tantra has many different roots, and every person understands tantra massage from a different perspective. What we need to understand is that tantra massage is just a minor part of what tantra massage really is.

The Origin of Tantra

This practice leads to a state of mind full of positivity and energy. The three major elements crucial to an authentic tantric massage are discussed as below:

  1. Tantra Meditation and Breathing

Serving as the backbone to erotic massage, tantra is used to create and uplift the authentic meditative techniques between you and the masseuse. Breathing holds a lot of importance in the process of the tantric massage; deep relaxed and short and sharp breathing types can lead to sexual stimuli engaging and can also awaken a different reaction within the body.

You might not be able to grasp the idea of how tantra meditation and breathing does wonder. It is only during a tantric massage that you get to experience how exactly breathing works with meditation.

  1. Balancing the Chakras

There are 7 energy centers within the body called chakras. It is a general concept that most diseases and ailments are caused due to blockages within these energy centers. Due to stressed working conditions, we don’t get a chance to enhance the blood flow and circulation needed to relax our muscles. Your masseuse will be able to balance and unblock your chakras, enhancing your mental and physical relaxation.

Since all the chakra points are linked to major organs and nerves, once applied an adequate pressure on them they will release all your physical and mental stress and tensions. Our experienced massage therapists completely understand the science behind chakras.

  1. The magic of intentional awareness

When you go for a tantric massage, you have signed up for an intentional session. This intentional awareness guarantees a sense of enlightenment and gives you both a goal and a direction. It helps you with exploring pleasure and healing emotional wounds. During your massage session, it is essential to channel the right energy and your massage therapist assists you with that. The same technique also applies to a body to body massage.

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