Body to body massage-An ideal way to Foster the Bodily Functions

The body is an organization in itself, because it is the emanation of many important organs which are closely attached to it. These vital limbs and organs breathe through the body; it is there joint effort, which helps in smooth moving and functioning of the body. An adult human body is made of 206 bones, which have layers of skin and muscles on top of it, protecting the bones from wear and tear. Therefore, it is proven that the skin protects the bones from damage, or any form of injury to them which might disrupt their functioning.

Body to body massage in Marylebone is your prescription to strengthen the body armor (the skin), protecting the bones. The functions of the bone are understood by majority of people, their importance and how vital they are for the smooth functioning of the body. Life works on give and take formula; you take care of the skin and it will take care of the bones, and in-turn will contribute more in improving their density and strength. Stronger bones are the results of healthier skin, making the bone resilient with the ability to heal faster in cases of damage or injury. Body to body massage is rubbing of body with another body, where oil is used as the lubricant to reduce friction, the lubricant helps in rapid transfer of energy and the rubbing helps in transferring the energy, which is beneficial for both, the body armor (the skin) and the bones.

Sensual massage is the requirement for successful implementation of body to body massage, the benefits of which are mentioned above. Without knowing the concept of ‘BODMAS’ it becomes impossible to solve the mathematics questions. Similarly, sensual massage and body to body are as closely attached as BODMAS and mathematics are. Both kinds of massages require close involvement of each other. Without practice of one, the other becomes irrelevant and does not yield good results. Sensual massage London is considered to be both the pre-requisite and post-massage requirement of body to body massage, because it helps in true realization of the advantage of the massage.

Benefits of Massage

  • Serve as an Energizer: A massage, irrespective of its kind serves as sources of unremitting energy. This energy is visible in your body-language, which escalates your work performance.
  • Improves Posture and Flexibility: Nowadays most of the work is sedentary causing back pain, neck pain and pain in the gluteus. The experienced masseuses will definitely helps in resolving this problem by employing their knowledge into work.
  • Relaxes and Rehabilitates Injuries: In today’s toxic world everyone is equal recipient of stress, work-pressure, injuries caused due to inability to think out of the box. Massage improves balance and gait. It grants serenity to accept things which cannot be changed, courage to change things which can be changed and wisdom to accept the difference with rationality to know what is good and what is bad.
  • Nourishment of the Nervous System: Massage produces the feelings of caring and comfort. Massage therapy releases necessary, hormones and neurons that are beneficial for the functioning of the body system.
  • Eases Recovery: It is a generally prevalent history; people usually focus on the injury but not the recovery. Massage therapy focuses on recovery and teaches that acceptance is a bliss and adapting to it is not so, with perseverance for constant improvement.
  • Eliminates body impurities and appeases anger: Anger is usually considered as the sole cause of all impurities. Massage therapy pacifies all anger with elimination of impurities which cause anger.


Body to body massage, or sensual massage both are designated to relieve a person from the various stresses of life. These massages are not about what is right or wrong because it will be everlasting debate to find an answer. It is about relieving yourself because that is what will eventually comfort your senses. A troubled mind is equivalent to running in a rat race, it does not matter you win or lose you’ll still be an animal. It is better being a human and trusting yourself.

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