Choose Erotic Massage to Soothe Your Senses and for an Overall Well Being

Massage has the unique power of releasing the stress and anxiety and emanates all the negative energy from the body. Of all the massage techniques erotic massage is something that catches everyone’s attention. In simple words, it is all about satisfying your senses by gentle rubbing and massaging of the genital areas, both men and women. This massage therapy has a spiritual aspect as it enables you to connect to your inner self with the help of a massage therapist or your partner.

Erotic massage is not always sexual, it is a type of sensual massage therapy that has been popular for centuries. It is done to attain maximum satisfaction and to release tension from the body and mind that ultimately leads to an overall well being of the body. What is unique about erotic massage is that it is not always done to arouse an individual sexually. Sometimes it is done to create the pleasurable sensations and thus promotes togetherness among couples.

In the beautiful city of London, people prefer erotic massage to satiate their imagination and also to have a complete relaxation. As a result, multiple massage centers have grown up in nook and corner of the country. So finding erotic massage in central London is not difficult at all.

Erotic massage london

Below are a few illustrations of a few types of erotic massage you can try out to satisfy your senses.

  • Four hands massage

It involves two massage therapists who give a very relaxing massage to the receiver. The two masseuses rub nice scented massage oils to the body of the receiver. Eventually, it results in the body to body massage. This massage can be a visual treat for the receiver as he can see two beautiful therapists massaging his body to release ultimate satisfaction.

  • Body to body massage

Alternatively called Nuru massage, an extreme form of massage and it is incredibly pleasurable for the receiver. Under this massage, the therapist will remove all her clothes and will put oil in her body as well as the receiver.  The term Nuru means slippery in the Japanese language. Most importantly the massage oil used in the process is not scented.

  • Lingam massage

Lingam massage has been around for centuries. It refers to the massaging of testicles, the shaft, external prostate, and perineum. Lingam means the male reproductive organ. This is done to give a completely satisfying genital massage. The massage therapist helps in the stimulation and natural sensations of male organ through this adult massage.

  • Yoni massage

This refers to the massage of the female reproductive organ. It includes the process of honoring the power of vagina and enjoying the natural stimulation. This massage should be done in a completely comfortable environment setting to ensure that you get maximum pleasure and enjoyment during the session. The Yoni massage aims to build trust and respect within a relationship if done by your spouse. Several women use this massage to deal with sexual disorders.

Benefits of erotic massage

  • It contributes to the overall natural healing of a person by awakening all the senses.
  • It is done with the direct eye contact with the receiver in a controlled breathing atmosphere which leads to a certain kind of perfect happiness.
  • It helps to channelize the negative energy to be utilized in some definite manner
  • It helps in the fulfillment of the instincts in human, and that is a sexual urge

Concluding remarks

A tantric massage is a form of ancient massage techniques that originated in the East and later spread to the western world. It talks about a profound spiritual awakening apart from sensual pleasure. The rise of sexual awareness and spirituality are the core of this massage. The focus is given on the personal needs of the receiver and gets them fulfilled.

The significance of sensual massage is that it equally gives pleasure both the receiver and the masseuses. This is a way to establish a connection to your inner spirit. It talks about a blissful state when the body, mind and the spirit will be in coordination with one another.

You can receive a Tantric massage at a hotel or in the comfort of a massage centre. The choice is yours!



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