Feel the Ultimate Pleasure: Body to Body Massage

What else can be more pleasurable than a sensual massage in London? Imagine a tantric massage session by a professionally trained goddess like massage therapist! Doesn’t it give you goose bumps? You are pampered and helped to arouse your sensual energy during a tantric massage session. A one to two hour long massage session includes extensive massage of the most intimate and sensitive parts of your body that stimulates the sensual desires in you and helps you to gain a satisfying release. A release from mental and physical tensions takes you to a state of mind where you no longer care about negative things that had been nagging you in past. It helps you to get rid of tensions, pain, depression and many other problems. To attain such a mentally and physically fit body, get a body to body massage in Marylebone and feel the magic. Body to body massage helps you to strengthen your nervous system as every touch makes you aware of sensations of pleasure, occurring in your body.

body to body massage in Marylebone

Step by step introduction to body to body massage:

First step: Once you book a massage session for yourself, you are taken to the massage suite. A welcoming ambiance including flickering lights of candles, soothing music, lightly fragrant surroundings with a queen sized massage bed to expand yourself for a relaxing massage and a gorgeous massage therapist would be there to serve you.

Second step: The massage therapist would talk to you and would make you free from any insecurity you have in mind. This step focuses on balancing you mentally. You may choose to talk about anything that had been affecting your mental peace.  

Third step: Now the therapist would help you to get dressed for massage. You may choose to be completely or semi naked. She would then cover her naked body with essential oils and would start rubbing her body with yours in several different motions in order to give you a good massage.

couple massage in London

Fourth step: She would press the pressure points on your body to help you to get rid of any kind of body ache or muscle tensions.

Fifth step: Although, the oil gets absorbed in your body due to the heat generated by her body being rubbed to yours. To make it more effective, she would wrap you in a hot towel that would let the essential oil penetrate deep into your skin. You may also choose to share a hot tub with her to take a gentle massage in hot water.

Avail a body to body massage in Marylebone ora couple massage in London and get drenched into this blissful experience. For more details contact on: +44-7852843091

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