Let your physical and spiritual energy flow through a tantric erotic massage

The origin of the tantric massage is in the East, and it leaves a healing effect unlike other massage types as great emphasis is given on the physical and a spiritual awakening of the recipient. A unified entity is established during this massage between the mind, body and the spirit that led to some form of divine ecstasy.

The goal of tantric massage is much more than simple physical pleasure. It talks about an approach, a practice which is soul-nourishing apart from physically stimulating. It is an ancient art that aims to help an individual to establish familiarity with his own body and learn how to receive bodily pleasure and relax at the same time.

The tantric massage talks about a more intimate approach which is sensual, relaxing as it recommends the touching of some erogenous zones in the body of an individual which is a strict no with the traditional massages.

This massage is becoming popular in western countries including London. If you want to experience the magic of tantric massage in Belgravia, you should find an experienced center because if not done properly you cannot optimize the benefits out of it.

Tantric massage evolves as a profound spiritual practice

The real aim of a tantric massage is not the instant gratification of your senses, although many a times receiver reaches near the climax; instead, eliminate any blockage and hindrance that comes in the way of the recipient enjoying his life to the fullest. This massage enables a person to enjoy the touch and pleasure that has been missing in his life for a while.

Another aspect of tantric massage is that it adds to your overall health. It promotes blood circulation, and because of this, tremendous energy flows through in the body of an individual. It eliminates negative energies in the body and let them manifest in a positive manner.

The traditional massages never allow you to achieve other than physical relaxation. The tantric massage instead looks more into the spiritual enhancement of an individual and thereby includes this aspect of body worship or how to fall in love with you.

Tantric massage is useful for couples

It comes in many variations, and all the standard massage centers offer them. The couple massage is one such powerful form of tantric massage that almost every center provides. This concept of healing can be better explored to strengthen the intimacy between couples. This philosophy teaches couples how to incorporate the massage techniques into their foreplay and intimate encounters. It is useful for both the genders to please and satisfy each other. Not to mention various disorders related to the conjugal life of a couple are treated with such techniques, and this all leads to harmony in relationships. This healing benefit of tantric massage is a blessing for men who can discover the pleasure of being touched with gentle strokes of experienced massage therapists.

It is different from Swedish massage

The healing part of the tantric massage is something different from the Swedish massage, a type of western massage when it comes to the magnitude of strokes and the way of touch. The focus is not on the muscles, but on how to release the barriers to the soul and mind of the individual. Tantric massage works on to raise your awareness about the whole body and mind and thus experiences a profound state of wellness.

Final notes

According to research, this soul searching tantric massage is over 5000 years old tradition, and it combines the religious and spiritual traditions of the East. It talks about feeling the body as entirely, as a single entity, not as parts. Even if you do not follow this tradition, you can still feel the healing effect of this massage.

So getting a tantric or erotic massage in London will leave you mesmerized, relaxed and a renewed energy that will contribute towards all-round development of your body.

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