A nuru massage is an ancient Japanese type of “slide massage”, using an organic, slippery gel made from nori seaweed. Our goddess masseuses will slide their nude body over yours, stimulating erotic desires, culminated in the most unforgettable happy ending and leaving you satisfied and an unconditional pleasure!


This massage involves two goddesses at your service, massaging your body simultaneously with slowly movements. Expertly holding you on the edge of arousal, pampering, teasing and caress every inch of you, creating the most intense happy ending, which it will lead you into an infinite loop of pleasure. chris-jarvis-626565-unsplash toa-heftiba-270800-unsplash


If you and your partner wish to connect as one in the ecstatic bliss of tantra and reignite your spark, then a tantric massage could be exactly what you are looking for. The couples massage session is often the key to a long lasting sex life for many partners, allowing the sensual energies to flow again. Awaken the most powerful desires, completely and explore the magical art of tantra- the ultimate pleasure to enjoy, together!


Also known as female tantra massage, this is the perfect way for woman to simply connect with their own sensuality and to get away from stresses of life. We happily welcome women of all sexual persuasions, be that straight, gay, bi or bi-curious, as we believe it’s a pure ritual of feminine divinity and erotic connectivity between to women. Indulge yourself into a little pampering with soft caresses, which it will lead you in a level of erotic arousal and unconditional pleasure. haley-phelps-119782-unsplash alex-bertha-215867-unsplash


This form of massage is also known as ‘The Sacred Spot’ Massage. Tantric philosophy views the male G-Spot as the man’s emotional sexual centre. The male prostate is a small round gland about an inch in diameter located under the bladder. Also it helps men deal with premature ejaculation issues and it cures prostatitis. Slow, light and gentle movements are applied to the prostate gland as it is very sensitive to touch, it provides an intense sensual pleasure, culminating in the most explosive happy ending, it will definitely make you happier and feel empowered.


If female foot massage fascinates you, then here is what you are looking for. It involves the masseuse using her feet and legs to erotically massage your body and most erogenous zones, while you smell, kiss and caress hers. Let your stunning elite masseuse know your deepest foot fantasies and explore them with her. rune-enstad-571590-unsplash robson-hatsukami-morgan-116208-unsplash


This unforgettable dominatrix style of massage, allows you to surrender your power completely and to let yourself teased and dominated by a stunning woman. Our masseuses will take absolute control of you and you shall have to obey every command. Lose yourself and embrace your desires!


Double the sensual indulgence for a happy beginning too in your session, not only a happy ending, because sometimes an orgasm is just.. not enough! Get rid of all of that tension and feel on top of the world! max-rovensky-545700-unsplash marvin-meyer-672582-unsplash


It’s allowing you to put your hands all over the body of a beautiful masseuse, sensually caress and massage her, including the intimates zones. This is the perfect way to intensify the experience , as not only does it gives you an ultimate buzz, it gives to the masseuse one too.


If you are on a business trip in London or you’re simply visiting, but tired of dining alone? Then enjoy the company of a charming lady that enchants you, not only with her fantastic look but also with her education, elegance, sparkling personality and brilliant sense of fun. Choose the perfect way to spend your evening on a fabulous dinner date with a delightful, gorgeous lady. quentin-dr-178096-unsplash