Tantric Massage in London – uncovering the intricacies and expectations

When it comes to defining what exactly is tantric massage apart from the whole tantra spiritual and philosophical domain, then a lot of factors have to be addressed. Tantric massage is a technique which involves physical acts and gentle touches in the primary erogenous parts of the body. Where getting a tantric massage is considered as a taboo in large part of the world, it is a sacred practice derived from the tantra teachings which date back to the medieval times of India. The massage involves a wide variety of techniques, belonging to different categories of massage including the yoga and bio-energetics.

The critical factors of tantric massage: 

The idea behind tantric massage behind is quite similar to any other massaging service or technique. Just like any other massage service, the masseuse is responsible for making the client or customer feel comfortable and relaxed. Similarly, in tantric massage, the sole job of the masseuse is to release the mental and physical stress of the customer.

However, in this sensual experience, the pleasure-receiver is only concerned with receiving that sensuality and pleasure and is not allowed to give it back to the pleasure-giver. To make sure that the sexual energy is harnessed well, all you have to do is to lay back and let the masseuse help you in rediscovering the lost feelings and emotions.

What actually goes into tantric massage?

The experience you get during the massage is highly depended on the technique and style of the masseuse. From intense breath works to developing a deep spiritual connection through prolonged eye gazing, tantric massage involves both the physical stimulation and erotic positioning to heighten your sensual massage experience.

Most of the modern and professional tantric service providers use various gentle touch tactics to augment your seductive journey. A typical tantric massage involves the following aspects:

  • The massage environment:

The ambience should be calming and relaxing. To develop such an environment, natural candles, diffusers and oil burners are used, often accompanied by serene music playing in the background.

  • The massage table/bed:

Since comfort and relaxation are the paramount aspect of this service and usually involves elaborate physical contact, so a bed is generally preferred and used at most of the massage parlors.

  • Lubrication:

Hypoallergenic and high-quality massage oils and creams are used. At times essential oils are also added to elevate the benefits of aromatherapy and the overall massage experience.

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